what we do


Minke & Godor provide you with the full visual package you need for your real estate marketing. Our products make you feel the space and live the story. 

Also, we use our film sets to extract true-to-life still-images of living environments. A film set is always backed up by a story, and that story can be seen in our images. We make you feel a space rather than just showing it.


  • Unrivaled creativity in the industry
  • Real cinematic storytelling and aesthetic images that make you look and feel

  • Comprehensible and professional abstracts and Storyboards
  • Transparent workflows and communication

  • Clear cut terms and conditions


Clear timelines for every project

  • On time delivery
Fair and transparent quotes and pricing
A partner who is well experienced in both filmmaking and 3D
  • The combined expertise and manpower of a great network of passionate professionals


  • assist you in your creative play and
  • turn your ideas into a working concept.
  • take care of the entire production process and
  • throw all our experience into the pot to make every ride a smooth one and provide you with an excellent product.


  • receive a 360° package of sparring and counseling
  • can count on transparent pricing, optimized workflows and on time delivery
  • will get state of the art 3D-images provided by one of our partners
  • will get real estate movies, image films, animations and still images that will give you the edge over your competitors.