Making a movie in 12 steps

1. Kick-Off
We find out, where you are and support you in your creative play to find out what works best for your project. Once we have settled on a few ideas, we can put a rough price tag on them so that you know what is within your budget frame. On that base, we create a rough concept, usually within two weeks of time. The concept needs to be commissioned and paid for separately.

2. Rough Concept
We contact you as soon as the rough concept is completed. Two rounds of feedback are included in the price for the concept, in case you might wish for changes.

3. Detailed Concept and Quote
Once the rough concept is approved, we present you a more detailed version of the concept along with a quote. Another round of feedback is included in this process. Once the concept and quote is approved, we can move forward to pre-production.

4. Timeline
At the beginning of this step, we prepare a timeline that includes all relevant steps as well as required release loops. In other words, the timeline shows what we are doing, what you need to do and when in order to get the finished product on time. The timeline requires your approval.

5. Storyboard
Depending on the size of the project, we provide you with a detailed storyboard and shot list, where every shot is visualized. This is the most time consuming part of the entire process. Think of three to four weeks, including two feedback rounds. The better we are prepared, the smoother the rest of the process.

6. Pre-Production
Once the storyboard is approved, we move on to contacting our personnel to schedule the shooting and, if necessary, the 3D environment. We are going to involve you as much as necessary in the process. You may choose from different 3D studios, depending on the desired quality and price. If a 3D environment is needed, you have to send us all necessary planning material, i.e. floor plans, sections, materials etc. The earlier the better. These plans have to be final. Later adjustments are going to be charged separately.

7. Shooting
As soon as the planning is finished and approved, we put your ideas into action. Shooting can be done almost anywhere: outside, inside a studio, using a drone or a helicopter, with or without actors, depending on the story we want to tell. Shooting is usually a quick process. While the planning takes weeks, shooting only takes a day or two.

8. 3D
The 3D environment is created as soon as all relevant materials have been delivered. Depending on size and complexity, this process may take up to a month of time and includes several feedback rounds, one for the architecture itself, then one for the chose camera angles. Another one for the interior design and, finally, one for light and overall look.

9. Rough Cut
When we have shot the real footage and have the first 3D-drafts, we’ll put them all together and create a rough cut, possibly already with a draft of the soundtrack (provided it’s custom made) or, alternatively, with a temporary track. The rough cut is all about tempo, choice of motifs and overall edit.

10. Picture Lock
After the rough cut is approved, we create a fine cut. This version has to be finally approved after that, nothing regarding tempo and the overall editing is going to be changed (so called picture-lock).

11. Fine Tuning
When we know which shots to use and how long they are going to be, we can start the fine tuning. The 3D studio can start animating the scenes chosen in step 8 – not too long and not too short. We start working on graphics and give the film the desired look (grading).

12. Delivery
When we are pleased with the result, you’ll get a last preview, now also with a final soundtrack. Two feedback rounds are included.