Every product or story has an identity, and every costumer or spectator a desire. Revealing the first, teasing the second and finding the right balance of the two is an art. We create films that work both ways.

If you decide to get our full service package, you’ll get all of our experience and insight from the beginning to the finished product.

We’ll assist you in creating ideas that work and find all hands we need to produce the product you want. Then, we’ll take care of the post production process and deliver a film you’ll love. In a smooth, straightforward way.

If you like that, just drop us a line and tell us what you need. We promise to listen carefully.


You have but a faint idea or something else that you can’t really put your finger on but want to communicate. Or you have a fixed budget and don’t really know what you can do with it and what not.

The story is crucial: it must be good and told well. Its realization must not cost more than you want to spend.

We know how to write and tell – and how much it costs to put a story into action, be it by means of film, 3D or both.

Let’s get together: you tell us, we listen, extract your images to design concepts and stories that suit your needs and captivate in a cinematic and tasty fashion.

we love planning

A good preparation is half the battle. When you have a script and no one to put it on screen, just give us a call.

Thorough planning takes a while but is decisive to prevent costly surprises in postproduction. In this case, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. We love planning.

We will then take care of everything you may need: a production staff, directors, camera men, studios, extras and actors, equipment, VFX- supervisors, 3D studios and so on.

If you need green screen footage, we will provide you with excellent material so that the compositing won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you don’t know much about 3D, we do. And you don’t need to worry about rights and buyouts, insurances and annoying paperwork – that’s our job.

we know stuff. and people

When you want to paint but your hands are shaking, you know you are in trouble. Film making is no different. When you have an image on your mind and the footage doesn’t match, you’ll be unhappy.

We can help you prevent that. We have built a great network of great people.

When we choose to work with others, we do not only look for craft, creativity and passion, but also for the right chemistry and honest enthusiasm for the job on hand.

If you seek a camera man, a director, a composer, a 3D artist or what have you – don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll provide you with the personnel that makes you see what you’ve imagined.

You and your city
Support your city and local buisnesses

We create and produce advertising spots for your city and your commune. We advertise locations such as retail businesses, gastronomy or theaters that define the charm and particular atmosphere of your city or commune. Then, we bind those spots together to form a mini-series: Episodes of a city.

The respective advertising spots aren’t going to be perceived as such due to their artistic and cinematic making. They are entertaining, informative and, first and foremost, charming episodes about your city. It is their unique style that distinguishes them from usual adverts.

We offer you a full service package that includes everything from the first concept to the finished series. And if you wish, we can also support you in publishing and marketing.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is FLOWERS_SB01_12-1024x576.jpg
Project: Episodes of a city – Bologna
This spot about a flower shop tells the story of an actor who shoots an advert for – a flower shop. Only in the end we reveal that he actually was only working on set and that the spot that seemed to be a commercial was nothing more than observing the actor at work. A fake documentary. 

We are following a person and observe him/her visiting businesses and shops in your town. In each location, a little story enfolds. It can be funny or weird, serious or romantic, but it’s always going to be eye-catching and, in a way, representative for the respective location. Every episode works for itself, but they also tell a story when watched in context with other episodes – forming a series that conveys the specific atmosphere of your town.

As main actor we employ an actor or celebrity from your city. That main actor is going to appear in each and every episode, which, when watched as a series, show a typical day, the manifold possibilities and offers and, simply, life in your city.

The respective plots are being developed in close collaboration with you to be tailored to fit the businesses we have decided to show. Thus, we create a series of spots that work separately and as a series and present a city and its businesses – without coming across as classical adverts.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SHOES_SB01_01D-1024x576.jpg
Project: Episodes of a city – Bologna
A classic spot to advertise shoes. This episode and its style is inspired by a scene from a well known film in Italy featuring Adriano Celentano. 

The format of the series enables us to use different styles, known from movies and series and to mix and match different ways of storytelling – or to break with classical styles of storytelling.

We could, for example, show objects in one spot that had been acquired by the main actor in another, previous spot, assigning them a specific role in the plot. Or, we could interrupt the story just when it gets exciting in order to continue the story in the following episode. Or, we could quote movies everybody knows.

Imagine a scene from a movie you like: the colors, the atmosphere, the plot. We adapt those and transform them into one of the episodes. In the next episode, we can continue quoting yet another style – always using the same actor, binding it all together.


The series may be sponsored by suitable umbrella organizations, i.e. the city, the commune or by direct sponsoring by the businesses we present. The different possibilities make for different options regarding general outlay and realization.

We can offer you different types of playout, always accompanied by a a suitable campaign: the final series can be implemented on online platforms or may be shown on TV or in cinema theaters,  regionally or nation wide, depending on your wishes and needs. 


What are „Episodes of a city“?

Episodes of a city is a portrayal of a city, composed of short, cinematic spots featuring those businesses that are responsible for the particular atmosphere in your city. The spots form a mini series that advertises each and every of those businesses but, when watched in context, tells a story and delivers a likable portrayal of your town and its businesses. In the best case a series contains about 3 to 10 separate episodes/spots.

How is the finished product going to look like?

The finished series contains about several episodes. These episodes work separately, also without having the context of the other episodes. The series is going to have a cinematic quality which will set it apart from the usual run-of-the-mill adverts.

What’s so special?

The series tells its story by recruiting stylistic elements known from movies and series which can hardly be used in singular spots, i.e. cliffhanger, running gags, cameos and so on. From a purely visual point of view, the series is going to look like a well made Netflix-series or a motion picture, so that the viewer does not immediately think about „advertisement“. In spite of, or rather therefore, this type of advertisement works especially well.

What do I get?

We find the businesses we (or you) deem suitable and write a plot that fits them. Then, we produce the episodes with our team, from the shoot until the finished series. We take care of the music, the soundtrack, the actors and extras and so on. In a few words: we take care of everything.

How does the collaboration work?

Firstly, we pool our ideas. How do you want to present yourself, which businesses would you like to include? Would you like a specific actor or a celebrity? Then we find the best possible solution – and provide you with suggestions and, possibly, even a draft of a concept that fits you and your budget. When everybody is pleased, we develop the script and plan the shooting and the postproduction. And we always keep you updated. Read more about our workflow here.

How do we get from the idea to the finished product?

Ideas are often diffuse and hard to put into words. That’s what we are here for. We listen and write everything down as precisely as possible so that everybody involved understands what you and we want: we condense your idea into a script. The script then becomes a screenplay. The screenplay is then visualized with drawings – the result is the so called storyboard: it’s like a comic book that shows every important moment of your idea with simplified drawings and text.  When necessary, we animate storyboards, using the drawings to produce an animatic, a cartoon that visualizes the length of the future spot. Then, we plan every single camera angle to put it all into one overview: the so called shotlist. This list is the blueprint for the shoot. It is the original diffuse idea, broken down into each and every shot.