What we do

The secret of being a bore is to tell everything.

We are convinced that presenting real estate has to take a new direction. Film is a powerful tool that can create desire. Desire, however, isn’t addressed by explanatory means. Spelling out facts is rarely sexy. If you want a film to turn you on, it has to be cinematic. Cinematic means poetic. And poetic means not to say it directly. We are convinced that teasing works better than showing.

This approach works very well in an architectural context. We believe that every building has a unique identity, and we strive for capturing that essence to present it cinematically. Client profiles and target groups have been shifting during the past ten years, demanding a more creative, aesthetic, witty and authentic tone. Our films meet those demands. They don’t answer questions, they create desire.

We also do other kinds of film productions and can help you with everything you need before, while or after the shooting.