Friends, colleagues and companies with who we regularly work and always enjoy to do so.


Michael is a Swiss-born, Berlin-based drummer and composer. He studied Jazz in Bern and composition with Misha Mengelberg in Amsterdam and Dieter Schnebel in Berlin. He is a member of the Trio Full Blast (Peter Brötzmann and Marino Pliakas) and played and worked with musicians like John Zorn, Caspar Brötzmann, Jim O’Rourke, Holger Czukay, Blixa Bargeld, John Cale and many more. He composes music theatre plays and operas and his latest operas were shown in Basel (2018) and Hamburg (2017 and 2016). He has been a guest lecturer at the Humboldt University in Berlin, the Academy of Arts and the University of the Arts in Berlin. His musical background, knowledge and experience and the different styles of music (from grindcore to opera, from free jazz to classic) in which he feels at home, is unique. Michael is an extraordinary musician and it is always inspiring to work with him. He made the soundtrack for the FLAMMER STÖCKLI film.


When the game gets tough, the tough get going – few other phrases would describe Maars better than this one. Maars is our production manager of choice. This man is super experienced, knows his craft inside out and we have yet to see a situation he cannot handle. Beside managing units and crews, he is a most capable producer, director and creative: a superb choice for anything that is big and needs to be good. Recently, Maars has been managing such prestigious projects as LUX, KRIEGER DES LICHTS (D 2018) and the TV-series SPIDES (D 2019). His own production SHEEP won awards at the Festival du Film de Lama and was shown in the main competition at the Short Film Festival in Bristol, UK. For us, he directed WESTEND DUO and was the Production Manager for HENNINGER TURM.


Juergen started writing and directing in the mid-90’s. He worked for many years in a video rental store and knows a lot of (and about) films, and if you just remember one scene or one sentence of a dialog but can’t name the film, ask him, he’ll know. Beside working as an editor, he also does some writing for TV-series and teaches editing at the Art On The Run Filmschool in Berlin. Juergen is a good friend, a great guy, a talented and passionate filmmaker, author and editor and it is always a pleasure to work with him. He was the editor for VIENNA HOUSE.


Till studied visual communication in Germany and filmmaking in Cuba and has worked as cameraman and DOP for over 20 years. He is the co-owner of Media Bricks, an Agency & Media Production Company. Till creates amazing light settings, which is one of his great passions. His work and his preparation is always highly professional and profound. He comes up with great and helpful ideas not only about the visual aspects, but also about everything else. He is great in finding solutions or to improvise, if needed, for example if there is little time or a small budget. Beside the pleasure of working with him, it is always inspiring to share a wine or whiskey with him and talk about film. We worked with him on several projects and long before MINKE & GODOR was founded and intend to continue that. He was the DOP for the VIENNA HOUSE project. 


Dominik is an award winning composer who has studied composition at the Royal College of Music in London and the Filmuniversität in Babelsberg. He handles a simple synth sound with the same care as a full orchestra score (which he also can handle btw). His personal sound and distinctive color make his compositions stand out. And despite his busy schedule, he always has time for us – and a catchy tune up his sleeve. We love working with him. For us, he composed the soundtracks for THE ROCK, GEOMAR, HENNINGER TURM and many more. 

Frank Áron Hoffmann
Graphic Designer

Frank originally moved in the late 90´s to Hamburg and worked in several advertising and communication agencies. After moving to Berlin in 2002 for the second time and finding success in other creative disciplines such as performance art, photography and script writing (ANTONS FEST, 2013), he challenged himself to explore new creative techniques as a means of finding fresh and dynamic creative solutions with more than just one layer in his works. To this day, Berlin is still the anchor and inspiration for his life and work, for him not separable from each other. Frank did all the illustrations for our website.