Creating living and photorealistic stills depends on two key factors: firstly on how they are being built technically and secondly how much thought has gone into storytelling. Usually, a still image is done by building it in 3D and by adding stock images of people in post production. 

3D artists normally have a background as architects or interior designers, but not necessarily as filmmakers and storytellers, what means there is mostly no or too less thoughts and consideration of (the story of) “real” people living in that environment and the interior is mostly too clean, sterile and tidy. Also does the lighting of the stock images not match the image and these stock images also fail to to tell the story of the people who live in the space you want to present. The result: it looks fake and boring and like seen a thousand times before. 

Every still, however, needs storytelling, just like in a film. And that’s what we are good at. 

When we design a set, we develop the story of the people who live in it. Who are they? How do they wish to come across? And how does all of that matter for your sales arguments? When we have figured out what we want to tell, we shoot people in a green screen studio, taking care that the lighting matches the 3D a 100% and we instruct the 3D artist to create and decorate an environment that looks reel and fits and suits that story and our purposes. That’s a difference you can see and feel. 

If you are sick of sterile cookie cutter images, contact us. We’ll write a story, design a set and make your spaces come alive. 

Stills from FLAMMER STÖCKLI (2019)