cinematic stills

Film first, 3D second

Traditionally, a real estate film depends on renderings made by 3D-studios. These renderings are usually made for showcasing real estate on websites or in a brochure. Once the renderings are done, they are forwarded to the film makers, confronting them with an often far too clean and, frankly, dead set they can’t alter. We would like to turn this workflow upside down.

When we make a film, we want to tell a story, and the story must be visible in the renderings. You can’t stage a newly wed couple in an interior that looks like it came straight from a catalogue. That’s why the concept of the renderings has to begin with the film and not the other way around. Thus, we come up with a set for the film that contains all the assets we need to tell a good story. Then, we commission renderings for the film. In a second step, we have those renderings cleaned up slightly for other purposes which is easier and more efficient than giving life to renderings that weren’t made for storytelling.

We invite you to contact us first if you need a film – and to get some stellar still images on top of your stellar film!

Stills from FLAMMER STÖCKLI (2019)