about us

Who we are

MINKE & GODOR was founded by Sebastian Minke and Daniel Godor in 2018 in Berlin.
After Daniel Godor left MINKE & GODOR in 2020, MINKE & GODOR continues as a norwegian company owned and run by Sebastian Minke.

Sebastian Minke’s life was and still is much about film. He worked in an arthouse-video rental store, as a film projectionist, member of board and CEO of a cinema, and he curated film screenings in Berlin and Tønsberg. He started working with filmmaking 20 years ago and has experience as an editor, postproduction supervisor, title designer, production manager, but first and foremost as a producer and director. Sebastian is MINKE & GODOR’s co-founder & CEO and lives in Norway.

„I love the films of the French Nouvelle Vague and John Carpenter. And many more. I think that one of the strengths of film is that they can put us in a certain mood. Similar to music in a way. That’s what I like to do, films that create a mood that supports and sells the story. Or the message – or the product.”