about us

We, Sebastian Minke and Daniel Godor, have been making films for many years and have been involved in their creation from many angles: concept, production, art direction and more. We first met during the production of an image film for a real estate in Frankfurt, Germany, where we immediately decided to continue working together. In 2018, we joined forces to create image films that make a difference. 

Daniel Godor has written, produced and directed image films and animations for real estate for many years for international clients all over Europe. Besides his passion for film, especially the Italian masters of the 1950s and 60s, he loves spending time reading and playing the piano. For him, most film ideas arise from a musical idea, a mood, a certain light and a specific tone, and that’s where his passion for music comes in handy.

Sebastian Minke has worked as a film professional for many years. He loves the films of the French Nouvelle Vague and John Carpenter. Besides the story and message of a film, he believes that one of the strengths of film is that they -similar to music- can put us in a certain mood. Making and producing films is for him finding the right story and creating a mood, that helps telling and selling that story, message or product.